prom 2016

Good golly!  I haven’t had a blog post in such a long time!  This past weekend was Zach’s prom weekend and, even though Facebook makes picture posting easy and blog posts seem redundant, I actually have something to say.  I thought it would be better as a post here than a “status update” there.

This was my last prom for a good long while.  P is only 10 and it’ll be about five years before she has that opportunity.  I’m okay with that.  I’ve done prom every year for approximately 10 years.  It started off as exciting and fun to help find the dress or rent the tux, do the hair, get the corsage or boutonneire, take the pictures, etc.  Ten years later, many of the rituals have stayed the same, some have changed and there are some new “musts”.  It’s been interesting.

Zach went with his adorable friend, Libby.  She lives in California now, but flew home to attend prom with Zach and all of her friends.






She is beautiful inside and out and I was happy that Zach was able to go with someone he loves and would be friends with forever.  They can look back someday and talk about it with happiness in their hearts because it wasn’t just the two of them, it was their whole gang!


He has wonderful friends and they are all on their own interesting paths.  I truly look forward to watching where life takes them!

Brea has such an amazing heart and a loving spirit!  She will be attending the University of Oklahoma as a BFA Stage Management major in the fall.


Joann was one of Zach’s first friends when he changed high school’s and it’s not easy going to a new school as a junior. I am so thankful to Jo for helping Zach find his footing.  This girl is spicy and fun AND has an amazing voice! She will be joining the Manhattan School of Music to pursue a BM in musical theatre.


Zach and Max have been friends for many years.  Part of the self -proclaimed “Fab Five”.  I love this group and feel like they will be friends forever!  Max is heading to the University of Alabama in the fall.


Another part of the “Fab Five”…Sebastian.  All these kids have big careers and lives ahead, this kids is already on his way!  Sebastian McCarty…remember that name!  If  you want to get in on his career early, check out his EP, Pages on iTunes!  This kid is no joke!  He’s heading to Middle Tennessee State University in the fall.


They rented a limo and went downtown to have dinner. I think they also did laser tag and then had the limo driver just drive around (they wanted to make sure they used their full five hours).  Then on to the prom AFTER party.  Yes, you read that right…no dance.  For some reason the dance wasn’t a factor in their evening?

After using all their “limo time” they headed to our house for their “after prom” party.  The theme was “Dirty Disney”.  Again…interesting.  I was very lucky to have Sami and her best friend, Michelle, home for the weekend!  They dressed up for prom pictures too with P 🙂



They were also the “key masters” for the night.  All the kids were invited to sleep at our house in case they were too tired to drive!  Jake came home from KU after his performance in Little Woman so we were definitely covered in the chaperone department!  I appreciate thier efforts to keep this great group of young adults safe and “under control”.

I also want to thank Zach for being respectful of his Dad and me!  I’m beyond impressed with the maturity he showed in all the craziness.  He learned a great lesson…it’s more fun to attend someone else’s party and just have fun!  After spending most of the day on Sunday cleaning, scrubbing, washing, etc.   we asked him “Would you do this again?” — “NO WAY!”  He did well and I’m proud of the young man he has become!  Another thank you to the few that stuck around in the morning to help him try to get the basement back to some semblance of normal.  Things like that mean a lot and I want to give a shoutout to their parents for teaching them this small but important lesson!  I hope that my kids would do the same thing.

So much going on in the weeks and months ahead and I’m planning to begin AGAIN documenting all the happenings of the SEVEN MILLERS!  Facebook gets more and more of a “life sucker” every day, and a lot of my friends are eliminating it from their life, so follow my blog!!

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