my transformation journey – {week nine}

IMG_1298 I’m happy to report that I am now two months in to my HitchFit Transformation and I am down 23 lbs. and my BMI is 18%!  WOW!  I’m totally doing it!

Last week was interesting because we hosted the Miller Family (13 people in addition to our 8) and there was a LOT of food and drink being consumed!  It was interesting because I found that I wasn’t at all tempted to stray from my diet.  Seeing the progress I’m making by sticking to my transformation plan makes me completely steadfast in continuing with this lifestyle change.

Some of my YES! Moments:

  1. Putting on my jeans and them being too baggy to wear.
  2. Digging deeper into my pile of jeans and finding some that I forgot I even had and easily fitting into them.
  3. Needing a belt with my pants but not having enough belt holes!
  4. Wearing a pair of my son’s khakis.
  5. Just overall feeling happy, healthy and strong!

I am about 5 lbs. from my goal weight but have changed my mindset from that to being a healthy, happy, fit, strong woman.  I think 50 years old is going to look pretty good on me!