my transformation journey – {personalized plan}

Macro 1I received my HitchFit Transformation Plan from Amy and today, Monday April 13, 2015, I started the nutrition aspect of my transformation plan.  As the person that would either NOT eat at all or eat everything that wasn’t good for me, this is going to be a complete change!  Six meals a day!  I ate my breakfast this morning and I almost NEVER eat breakfast.

I walked P to the bus at 7am then headed to our shop to do my cardio.  My goal is to burn 400 calories during cardio, 5 days per week.  For me, that’s a lot!  I did 300 this morning and will head back down this afternoon to get in my last 100.  I also did my weight training.  Whew!

My first day of being 100% on my transformation plan is over!  It went well except for two things:

  1. It’s hard to drink a gallon of water, but I did it!
  2. I need to do my cardio all at once because if I tell myself I’ll finish it later chances are it won’t get done L

I enjoyed all the foods and never once felt hungry.  Whenever I was unsure of something I texted my trainer, Amy, and she responded really quickly with an answer to my question.  She also managed to get me in for a second session this week!  I’m excited!