my transformation journey – {first session}

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 1.28.07 PMMy first session with HitchFit trainer Amy Gipson was wonderful!  The majority of our hour was spent in an office as she asked me questions about my workout habits (NONE) and my eating habits (BAD).  She also did a 7-point pinch test to find out my BMI (25.16).

I didn’t get my transformation plan yet because she’ll figure out my plan according to the information gathered at our meeting.  Also, they don’t give you the plan while doing the Groupon, you receive it after signing on and paying for your first eight sessions, which is four weeks, two sessions per week.

With about fifteen minutes left Amy said we would do a few “super-sets”.  We also did “walking squats” with light weights.  Needless to say my legs are like noodles today!  I’m super happy about that!

Our next session is next Thursday evening and I’m really looking forward to that and to getting my fitness and nutrition plan.  Amy believes that within 16 weeks my BMI will be 14-16 and my body will be ROCKING!