my transformation journey – {a bump in the road}

Macro 5

 Transformation – Week Five

One month!  Today is May 11, 2015 and I am one month and two days into my Hitch Fit Transformation.  What a month it’s been.

I started off my plan going gangbusters.  I was doing my cardio everyday,  my weight training four days a week and have not strayed a bit from my diet.  At two weeks my trainer, Amy, did measurements and I had lost 5lbs. and my BMI had gone down quite a bit.  I was rocking it, however my body was freaking out over my new lifestyle.

I was a total carb addict and drank way too much iced tea with Splenda.  I would skip breakfast and have potato chips with sour cream for lunch.  If I cooked dinner, I would skip the veggie and eat chicken with a potato and bread.  Switching to my meal plan that included 5 meals per day, lots of veggies and portion control, really threw me for a loop.  I found myself to be tired during the day and wanting to nap, which I never do.  I asked Amy about it because I thought I would feel more energized and she said my body was detoxing from all the garbage I had been putting into it.  Made sense!   I can say today, one month later, my body is LOVING what I’m putting into it now!  My energy is definitely up and I no longer feel bloated and gross after eating.   So what have I learned about my nutrition plan:

  1. Read labels!
  2. Gluten is not my friend
  3. Veggies can be really yummy
  4. I like to mix my food, like tuna and cauliflower.  Yummy!
  5. My new favorite is rice cakes with a little almond butter.
  6. Crystal Light is a gift.

Now on to my cardio and weight training experience.  I only have a treadmill at home so my cardio consisted of me walking/running .  I was two weeks in and increasing my running time when I felt a twinge in my left ankle.  The next day it was swollen and a little difficult to walk on.  Uh oh.  I gave myself a couple of days rest from cardio but while doing my weight training workout there are 5 minute cardio bursts and I thought it would be smart to still WALK on the treadmill, just do it on an incline to get my heart rate up.  I did that only two times.  The next day my ankles (yes, both ankles) were killing me.  When I went to my training session with Amy she saw me walking in and said, “Ok, what’s up?  You’re walking a little funny.”  I told her what had happened and her opinion was that perhaps the tendons in my foot/ankle were just not used to the incline.  She suggested I immediately lay off the treadmill or any other cardio that could exacerbate the pain in my ankles.  This was on Friday, May 1st.

The pain did not get better on Saturday and on Sunday I could barely walk.  I headed to urgent care where the doctor diagnosed me with Achilles Bursitis.  He prescribed Prednisone and gave me a cortisone shot for the immediate pain.

Today was my last day of taking the Prednisone and, although the pain is substantially better in my left foot and minimally better in my right, walking is still a challenge especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a bit.  I have an appointment with my family physician tomorrow and will see what he says.

To say this setback is disappointing would be an understatement.  Amy has been extremely supportive and encouraging.  This is my second week of limited exercise and it makes me crazy.  I’ve done my best to continue to stretch, work my core and work my upper body as the pain allows.  The important thing is I haven’t strayed from my diet at all!

So, at the end of my first month, with very limited weight training but 100% participation in the diet/nutrition aspect, I have lost 10lbs.

This is just a stumbling block and as soon as I’ m able I will be back on board.  I won’t be using a treadmill for my cardio though.  My sweet husband is getting me a rowing machine!  I can’t wait for my next update and I’m hopeful that I’ll have great, injury-free news to share!