my beautiful phoebe grace

I took a break from editing the engagement photos of one of my beautiful 2015 Wedding couples to work on some images I took of my Sweet P a couple of weeks ago.

She is, obviously, so very beautiful, and anyone that knows her would agree that her beauty is not just on the outside. Phoebe could quite possibly be the kindest, most caring, most loving person I’ve ever known. She wakes every day with a smile and a huge hug. She RARELY complains about anything and has never, not once since I’ve known her, thrown a fit about anything. I’ve seen her get quite sassy with her siblings (she’s learned from them to give as good as you get), but she shows me nothing but respect. Yup, she’s perfect! I’m kidding, of course, she has her “things” as all kids (and adults) do, but I’m beyond blessed and thankful for my youngest.