my transformation journey – {week nine}

 I’m happy to report that I am now two months in to my HitchFit Transformation and I am down 23 lbs. and my BMI is 18%!  WOW!  I’m totally doing it! Last week was interesting because we hosted the Miller Family (13 people in addition to our 8) and there was a LOT of food … [Read more…]

my transformation journey – {a bump in the road}

 Transformation – Week Five One month!  Today is May 11, 2015 and I am one month and two days into my Hitch Fit Transformation.  What a month it’s been. I started off my plan going gangbusters.  I was doing my cardio everyday,  my weight training four days a week and have not strayed a bit … [Read more…]

my transformation journey – {personalized plan}

I received my HitchFit Transformation Plan from Amy and today, Monday April 13, 2015, I started the nutrition aspect of my transformation plan.  As the person that would either NOT eat at all or eat everything that wasn’t good for me, this is going to be a complete change!  Six meals a day!  I ate … [Read more…]

my transformation journey – {first session}

My first session with HitchFit trainer Amy Gipson was wonderful!  The majority of our hour was spent in an office as she asked me questions about my workout habits (NONE) and my eating habits (BAD).  She also did a 7-point pinch test to find out my BMI (25.16). I didn’t get my transformation plan yet … [Read more…]

my transformation journey – {april 9, 2015}

For the past couple of months I’ve been on a journey to be the best possible me.  When I decided to do this I wanted to journal/blog about it, but because of my lack of confidence I was afraid to actually post.  So this week I’ll be posting each day.   This is my first entry: … [Read more…]

the graduate

It’s official! My third child has graduated from high school and is soon heading off to college. It’s been a wonderful 13 years of school with my beautiful girl, Sami.  She’s been in school with most of these kids since first grade! She’ll be heading off to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in just a … [Read more…]

it’s been a while

I can’t believe it’s been three months since my last post! It’s not like stuff hasn’t happened..hello wedding in Vegas! Get ready for a flurry of posts to catch you all up! Let’s start with pics from a super fun day today, at home, hanging out on the lake! Phoebe’s sweet friend Scarlett was here … [Read more…]

Hello Stranger!

Oh my goodness, it’s been over 5 months since I wrote a blog post here! That’s just wrong. Believe me it hasn’t been for lack of something to talk about… Life had been crazy, as usual, here in the Miller household. First big thing…we moved! Not out of the state, just a bit south to … [Read more…]

A Memory

When B and I got married 23 years ago, we (mostly me) spent a lot of time trying to decide what song we wanted as our “first dance” as husband and wife.  We chose this…If you say my eyes are Beautiful. RIP Whitney Houston.