sunday snapshot – {the softball game}

Visiting the Anthony family this week and had a chance to watch my niece, Jenna, play softball. Such a beautiful little tough girl! My handsome nephew, Joey, was with me but wouldn’t give me a big ole smile because of his new braces. (which is silly because he looks awesome with or without braces!) And … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {My Adorable Valentine}

I’ve been preparing for Valentine’s Day Mini-Sessions this year and made my own heart banner from burlap fabric that I had from many years ago and an array of other fabrics that didn’t get ruined in the fire.  I set up my backdrop, hung the banner, and asked my favorite little model to pick out … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {Hampton}

I love how he still looks like a puppy. Even though he’s 13-years-old. I wonder what he’s thinking, living in our craziness all these years. We’ve known a lot of love and loss…thank you Hamps for sticking it out with us! For more great Sunday Snapshots, head over to Ni Hao Ya’ll!

Sunday Snapshot – {Flying}

I was so lucky to be able to attend BlogHer ’12 this year, my first but hopefully not my last, BlogHer. I’m a bit of a nervous flier, but when I saw how beautiful the sun and the clouds looked out my airplane window my nerves settled and I grabbed my camera. Wow! Taken with … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {Houseguest}

We’re dog-sitting this little cutie, Abby. No one is happier about having this her around then Sweet P. Something she wasn’t happy about…getting squirted by the hose. I take complete responsibility. I told B that I thought it would be a good photo to surprise Phoebe with the spray because she is always “posing”. In … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {Water Balloons}

Sweet P and I went on a Target shopping spree. You know, one of those times when you buy stuff that you don’t necessarily need, like water balloons. I’m pretty sure Phoebe thought she would be filling the balloons and throwing them at the ground so she was really happy when Sam asked if she … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {Sam and Phoebe}

B and Zach went to play golf for Father’s Day, so Sam and Phoebe did makeovers on each other! Sometimes Sam’s patience with her little sister amazes me. After Sam cleaned herself up and “re-did” her make-up, I took my girls to the park for a little photo shoot. It was really fun! They both … [Read more…]