prom 2016

Good golly!  I haven’t had a blog post in such a long time!  This past weekend was Zach’s prom weekend and, even though Facebook makes picture posting easy and blog posts seem redundant, I actually have something to say.  I thought it would be better as a post here than a “status update” there. This … [Read more…]

the weather is warming up!!

With the warm weather comes PHOTOS!!! A friend is letting me play with his 400mm lens, which is REALLY heavy! I’m desperately trying to get some good bird shots, but for the most part I’ve been unsuccessful.   I also played a bit with my birthday gift. The Canon 100mm Macro lens.  I need to … [Read more…]

my beautiful phoebe grace

I took a break from editing the engagement photos of one of my beautiful 2015 Wedding couples to work on some images I took of my Sweet P a couple of weeks ago. She is, obviously, so very beautiful, and anyone that knows her would agree that her beauty is not just on the outside. … [Read more…]

table rock lake…so fun!

We had to go to Branson to pick up Sweet P from Kanakuk K-Kountry and we decided to make the most of it, even though my adorable baby boy couldn’t be there with us!  For our last day B rented a boat, tube and knee-board…. Kodi and Cody started off our incredibly fun day… Jake … [Read more…]

i heart faces – {friendship}

When I saw that the challenge this week at I Heart Faces was friendship there were two images that i loved and wanted to share, however, I was only able to choose one. I love this of Phoebe and Rylee because all they did all day was laugh together. Friends since preschool but now at … [Read more…]

the shoes

I’m several weeks into a wonderful photography class with Lisa at The Long Road to China and our theme this week is “Memorable, Nostalgic , or Special”. For some reason the first thing that came to my mind were the little shoes that Sweet P was wearing the day we met her. Shoes that were … [Read more…]

sweetheart dance 2014

Sam decided to go to the Sweetheart Dance without a boy this year. I don’t blame her. I remember going to my senior prom with my best girlfriend, Marta, and we had the best time! I can see why Sam would want to focus on having fun with her friends. Sweetheart is a “Sadie Hawkins” … [Read more…]

beauty and the beast

I’m taking an online photography class right now with one my very favorite photographers, Lisa, at The Long Road to China.  It’s not my first class with her and I guarantee it won’t be my last.  (Love her!)  Each week she gives us an assignment, and this week she wanted us to find something that … [Read more…]

our first snow

It wasn’t much I would say barely an inch But it was enough for me to brave the cold and take a couple (or more) photos It was also enough for B and the girls to play And I might’ve got a good pic of B, Sweet P and Sam If someone wasn’t being so … [Read more…]

Our Elf

Some people really don’t like this little guy. Kodi even calls him “creepy”. Phoebe wakes up each morning excited to find our elf, Timothy, and because of that he’ll visit us every year until she doesn’t want to look for him anymore. Merry Christmas!