the weather is warming up!!

With the warm weather comes PHOTOS!!! A friend is letting me play with his 400mm lens, which is REALLY heavy! I’m desperately trying to get some good bird shots, but for the most part I’ve been unsuccessful.   I also played a bit with my birthday gift. The Canon 100mm Macro lens.  I need to … [Read more…]

beauty and the beast

I’m taking an online photography class right now with one my very favorite photographers, Lisa, at The Long Road to China.  It’s not my first class with her and I guarantee it won’t be my last.  (Love her!)  Each week she gives us an assignment, and this week she wanted us to find something that … [Read more…]

our first snow

It wasn’t much I would say barely an inch But it was enough for me to brave the cold and take a couple (or more) photos It was also enough for B and the girls to play And I might’ve got a good pic of B, Sweet P and Sam If someone wasn’t being so … [Read more…]

snowmageddon – round ONE

We’ve barely seen any snow this winter and then we get hit with THIS last week! I don’t think we’ve had this much snow in one day since I’ve lived here! (12 years) You would think my Sweet P would race outside to play, but I kinda had to drag her out for photos. It … [Read more…]

2012 Review…

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to connect with everyone from my Seven Millers blog, but finally, here I am! One of my resolutions this year is to post here and keep everyone up on our crazy, ever-changing lives. It’s so easy to snap a picture on Instagram and post it on … [Read more…]

Sunday Snapshot – {Hampton}

I love how he still looks like a puppy. Even though he’s 13-years-old. I wonder what he’s thinking, living in our craziness all these years. We’ve known a lot of love and loss…thank you Hamps for sticking it out with us! For more great Sunday Snapshots, head over to Ni Hao Ya’ll!

Sunday Snapshot – {My Pets}

I’m a bit late with my Sunday Snapshot because of the holiday. This weekend my kids were all over the place, but my animals were not 🙂 Jasper – I can almost hear him saying to me “Please don’t take another picture of me” Hampton – He’s a mess and old, but we love him. … [Read more…]

Wordless Wednesday (But with Words)

Spring Break ROAD TRIP! I’m probably going to get in trouble for taking pics of Sam while she was sleeping in the RV this morning. But it was so sweet seeing her and Sis all cuddled up together. I mean really…could you resist taking a picture? Check out some other great “Wordless Wednesday” photos at … [Read more…]

Tones on Tuesday

I’m a day late, but I recently found this wonderful photo blog that does this every week. I love this picture of Gracie because her eyes are so clear. So I thought, why not just focus on her eyes? This is the SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) shot: This one I edited in PSE: … [Read more…]