the shoes

I'm several weeks into a wonderful photography class with Lisa at The Long Road to China and our theme this week is "Memorable, Nostalgic , or Special". For some reason the first thing that came to my mind were the little shoes that Sweet P was wearing the day we met her. Shoes that were too big for her adorable little feet. I love those feet so much and, believe me, they almost NEVER have shoes on! We lost a lot of little things we picked up in China in our house fire a few years ago. … [Read more...]

the musical

Another year...another musical. Sam, once again, worked backstage on the tech crew (this was her fourth and final musical), and Zach took to the stage for his second year. The production was Guys and Dolls and I took some pics, even though photography was forbidden. I'm so proud of my kids. … [Read more...]

sweetheart dance 2014

Sam decided to go to the Sweetheart Dance without a boy this year. I don't blame her. I remember going to my senior prom with my best girlfriend, Marta, and we had the best time! I can see why Sam would want to focus on having fun with her friends. Sweetheart is a "Sadie Hawkins" type of dance, and she chose not to ask anyone. Because of the frigid temperatures we took most of our pics indoors. Except for this one. I ran outside, got my settings right, then called her out … [Read more...]

beauty and the beast

I'm taking an online photography class right now with one my very favorite photographers, Lisa, at The Long Road to China.  It's not my first class with her and I guarantee it won't be my last.  (Love her!)  Each week she gives us an assignment, and this week she wanted us to find something that inspired us and build a photoshoot around it.  I had been kicking an idea around in my head but the freezing cold temperatures here in Kansas had kept me from moving forward.  Then, a really nice thing … [Read more...]

our first snow

It wasn't much I would say barely an inch But it was enough for me to brave the cold and take a couple (or more) photos It was also enough for B and the girls to play And I might've got a good pic of B, Sweet P and Sam If someone wasn't being so sassy! There is someone who is always up for a good photo session Yup, my Jasper! He led the way for me Stopping to make sure I was still following He's so happy in the snow But I think he … [Read more...]

Our Elf

Some people really don't like this little guy. Kodi even calls him "creepy". Phoebe wakes up each morning excited to find our elf, Timothy, and because of that he'll visit us every year until she doesn't want to look for him anymore. Merry Christmas! … [Read more...]

catching up with…{sweet p}

This girl ... WOW! She makes me smile every day. This has been a crazy time for P because we moved and she had to start at a new school. For a lot of kids this would be a scary thing, meeting new people and making new friends But not for my social butterfly Don't get me wrong, she's missing her old friends Especially those that she's known since preschool But it's pretty hard to wipe the smile from her adorable, dimpled face She's ALL love and light And I … [Read more...]

catching up with…{zach}

It's so hard to believe that Zach is a sophomore in high school! Someone please. stop. time. The past few months have been really busy for Zach. His schedule is full with Rep Theater, Fifth Wall Improv Troupe, Choir, Chambers, the Fall play (The Elephant's Graveyard), and his adorable girlfriend, Melanie! I barely see him these days! And although that makes me kinda sad As you can see... He's pretty happy :) … [Read more...]

catching up with… {sami}

This is an exciting year for Sam as she goes through her senior year navigating classes, ACTs, college applications and friendships. She is so busy with all of these things, plus being the Stage Manager of the upcoming fall play, The Elephant's Graveyard. (Zach is one of the characters in this downer). I was really happy when she was up for an impromtu photo session. She's always fun to photograph Even though she is her biggest critic And manages to find flaws in every … [Read more...]

a little something for the bridesmaids…

This past Saturday was our day to look at bridesmaid's dresses.  Although all the girls weren't able to attend, we made excellent progress and I think Kodi found the one she wants them to wear!  We put together a little gift for her girls...   … [Read more...]